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The Lab can't rule EthereansOS

EthereansOS protocol is a 100% decentralized and self-sustained protocol independent from Ethereans Labs.


Ethereans Labs cannot manipulate arbitrarily in any way possible any decentralized functions deployed via smart contracts on the 30 of November 2021, starting with the Ethereum block number 13715143


Ethereans Labs, via smart contracts, can ONLY propose to $OS holders technical updates to the EthereansOS Protocol governance via Operating System Update Proposals (OS-UP). 


Ethereans Labs is able to deploy new versions of factories, but without any chance to make changes on contracts already deployed and without any chance to block users from creating their own contracts by cloning from older versions of them.

Defining the role of Ethereans labs

Ethereans Labs has six main roles in the EthereansOS Ecosystem: 

  1. BUIDL - Ethereans Labs is committed to the continuous R&D of new tools in the smart contracts space, while at the same time respecting our core values and producing new forms of revenue for the EthereansOS protocol public treasury.

  2. EMPOWER - Ethereans Labs is here to empower the adoption of the EthereansOS protocol and the Ethereum Ecosystem by building web2 free and commercial tools. We aim to empower developers and guide the way for them to interact with web3. Also, we're building the necessary framework to let DAOs become legitimate real-world incorporated companies!

  3. RELATIONSHIPS - Ethereans Labs is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with all legit existing teams and influencers in the space. This means we will be investing in Ethereum-based events, hackathons, and non-profit Ethereum development, in order to push the ecosystem forward and drive the adoption of public goods. We imagine Ethereans Labs to be like an incubation plaza, a space to empower legit startups to grow and take advantage of the EthereansOS protocol.

  4. AWARENESS - Ethereans Labs has a very coordinated and ambitious roadmap to build the lore that represents the Ethereans culture. As such, Ethereans Labs has a fundamental role in the propagation and adoption of Ethereans brand awareness via animations, games illustrations, comics, merch, advertising, and other forms of B2C assets.

  5. COMPLIANCE - Ethereans Labs secures and owns the EthereansOS brand and trademarks to avoid copycats or scammers. Ethereans Labs is also used to let its builders work and get paid, complying with the rules and regulations of their respective countries.

  6. VCs - The EthereansOS protocol and the $OS economics are free from being influenced or captured by VCs. Investing in the $OS tokens means investing in all of the EthereansOS protocol on-chain utilities. Separately, Ethereans Labs' private equity shares are an investment betting on the businesses built on-top of and in the Ethereans brand, lore, and any other off-chain assets. Ethereans Labs and its VC investment opportunities help the ecosystem's growth without risking corrupting the on-chain protocol and its governance.

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